Monday, November 23, 2009

A little perspective please!!!

I’ve been watching the Sky News this morning about the Cumbria floods and devastating they have been, especially to the families that have lost their homes and businesses and the family of the police officer who died.

But please, having to make a 60 minute (estimates vary) detour to get food and petrol is hardly a big thing when places like Bangladesh with its floods and Somalia with its famine still have much more to deal with.

Flood1 Perhaps these local ‘interruptions’ will make us realise how much more safe we still are and how much more lucky we are than many other people in the world. There will be many more services available in Cumbria to help locals than might be available for people in many other countries.

Yes it will be tough for many as they rebuild their damaged surroundings. But perhaps Sky can be a little more circumspect in the way they over emphasize the distance that some people will have to travel.

Perhaps they should be focusing in on the cowboy-builders heading that way to make a fast buck at someone else's expense or the Insurance companies that will be running through their books of excuses for reasons for not paying out.

Its time like this that mainstream news organisations need to use their power to expose, not sensationalise.

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